Sunday, June 7, 2009

The most dangerous diminutions of freedom come from people convinced of their own moral rectitude.-Daniel Hanan, Conservative British MEP

British MEP Daniel Hanan made this statement on "Freedom Watch" while speaking with host Judge Andrew Napolitano. I think it is a profound and salient point, if not a clear cut indictment of the American system. Post-9/11 America has seen increased diminutions of American liberty. Government in its own moral rectitude, save those like Ron Paul, passed the Patriot Act wherein the use of self-written search warrants, which gagged their recipients and threatened prison, sneak and peek searches, dual systems of justice predicated on executive whim for prosecuting alleged terrorist, among a whole host of other things have been approved on the simple justification that it is the right thing to do. The Constitution doesn't matter, due process and fair trials doesn't matter, unquestionable justice doesn't matter. The perceived moral rectitude of Washington continues to blind them to their clear and concise mandate, defend the Constitution. We should be thankful for the few voices, like that of Ron Paul, who are crying in the wilderness. Government rectitude is a danger to our freedom and liberty, the only way we can survive as a nation is if we return to that which was begun two-hundred years ago, a grand experiment of free people, in free and sovereign states, uniting under a the greatest human document to be written (Constitution,) which is daily undone in the halls of Washington by men blinded by their own sense of moral rectitude.

Jonathan B.

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